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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mental performance training for athletes, performers, and coaches.


Founded by Coach Ally Claytor, Head Games Consulting strives to help performers of all kinds with the mental aspects of sport and performance. We offer in person and virtual sessions! Are you an athlete wanting to create more consistency in your performance? Are you an actor/actress wanting to perform better on stage and under stressful situations? Are you military personnel struggling with the pressures and demands of your job? Are you a coach wanting to optimize your potential to connect with and motivate your athletes? Are you a team wanting to create better cohesion to increase your winning potential? Head Games Consulting wants to help YOU!! 



"Recovering from sports related injuries is more of a mental battle than it is physical. Michelle helped me channel my energy towards positive thoughts while setting obtainable goals for myself to track my progress and stay focused on the road to recovery. I still use some of the mental exercises she taught me to this day."​

Reggie Murray

-former DI Collegiate football player

*Testimonial names changed to protect confidentiality.

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